Fishing is a fantastic way to spend some free time, as it can offer some of the tensest moments and most relaxing experiences within any hunting sport.

We offer a wide range of fishing trips in Scotland, allowing you to enjoy catching many kinds of fish including Salmon, Arctic Char, Pike, Brown and Rainbow Pike and more.

Whether you want to enjoy a fast flowing fishing trip, or a quiet venture by a mysterious and silent pool, all of your tastes can be catered for through a variety of fishing trips in Scotland.

For those individuals that are well used to travel on a sea-bound ship, a range of exciting sea fishing trips around the wandering coasts of Scotland can also be easily arranged, enabling you to catch a wide variety of salt water fish: cod, haddock, mackerel, ray and black cod. Sea fishing can contribute to some most thrilling fishing trips of all, with a wealth of experiences on offer that are simply excluded from land based fishing in Scotland.

Our expert advice and guidance will always be easily accessible through one of our professional instructors, so you can also be sure of receiving any assistance that you might need.