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Woodcock Shooting in Scotland is one of the most challenging activities offered by Mirani Hunting and it is best enjoyed by experienced hunters. Often found in pheasant woods, they feed nocturnally around streams, pasture fields and on boggy ground, but prefer dense cover during the day. The resident population in Britain is increased by a large over-wintering migrant population. It is thought by some that the bulk of this migration coincides with the first full moon in November. Woodcocks rank amid the most fascinating game birds in the world, as they migrate all across Europe and the surrounding areas. Woodcock shooting in Scotland is extremely difficult because the birds are small and fast moving, and they typically break very late when disturbed. This provides quite a challenge at close to medium range, with incredibly fast reactions being needed to bring down such an elusive quarry. Woodcocks take their name from their preferred habitat, requiring hunters to be positioned in tactical locations, while a select part of the team focuses on drawing the birds out. Walked-Up woodcock hunting in Scotland and Snipe Shooting is also available, on our exclusive areas both on the West Coast, Argyllshire and Bute, and on the East Coast, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

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